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Danielle LaSorsa

Danielle LaSorsa RYT 200

Danielle is the founder of the Jolly Llama Yoga Studio. She has been practicing for two years and is RYT-200, Trauma & Addiction, and Barre certified.
During the summer of 2016, her practice was hindered by back pain. After a trip to the Dr. something was detected in her abdomen. After many appointments, endless scans, and a few biopsies later, extensive surgery was imminent. A large mass was removed and recovery began. Without her practice she wouldn’t be where she is today. She was able to center herself and persevere through every scary appointment and scan and biopsy. She used her breath to remain calm when cancer was talked about as a possibility. The Doctors remarked on her quick (reasonably) recovery. Through this experience she learned she was stronger than she thought, and she wanted to help others. Danielle started her journey wanting to simply create a fun yoga studio, and while that still holds true, she wants to use this opportunity to create a lifeline for those who might need it, create a community of support and love. She wants the jolly Llama to to be a space to focus, reflect, and enjoy life to its fullest.

Yoga Instructor Jackie Maloney

Jennifer Walsh RYT 200

Jenn  ( she/her) has been practicing yoga for about 15 years.  They came to the practice as a way of dealing with anxiety and fell in love with so many aspects of yoga.  In 2015 they became certified through Yoga Alliance Jenn  believes that yoga is about so much more then the physical practice. She hopes that her classes can enable each person to decide what feels right for them in their own bodies. She is a believer in the idea that there is not one way to move. Jenn  does not think that doing headstands and arm balances makes a practice any more advanced then practicing child pose or downward facing dog or being still and tuning into breath. Jenn wishes for yoga spaces to be welcoming for all and hopes that when one is in practice with her they can find a place that empowers them .  Jenn received her 200 hour yoga certification through Enso yoga studio in Media, PA. She has certification in trauma informed yoga and as of this writing has recently started a certification in Accessible Yoga .  When not in the yoga studio Jenn enjoys reading about yoga ,  listening to podcasts( check out Yoga is Dead and Accessible Yoga Podcast)  being in nature, watching her cat sleep in the sun,  Murder She Wrote reruns and  telling diet culture to go to hell;)  


Natalie Strickler RYT 200

I am a certified 200RYT and have been teaching since the summer of 2016. Since then, my style of teaching has changed a lot. The more I have been able to get comfortable in my own body and the ebbs and flows of when to seek the edge and when to peel back in my own practice, allows me to teach more authentically. Yoga is personal. Every practice is diferent. Connecting to your light, looking inward, and letting go of the noise takes practice and it’s incredibly needed. There is a lot of noise. I love my students to focus on their breathe and the sensation that they are feeling in each pose. What muscles are engaging and how we can strengthen them more over time to support the physical practice. I bring a strong core emphasis to any practice as well, whether it be Power, Slow Flow, Vinyasa, or Beginners. The core is the hub to build strength in almost every yoga asana. When I am not teaching yoga, I am a certified Les Mills BodyPump Instructor, and teach locally. At home I am mother of a beautiful daughter Charlie Grace, and am a grateful woman to my loving husband, Charlie. They are my Angels and we are his.


Linda’s teaching style is to encourage students to explore the “edges” of one’s yoga practice through body alignment principles, accompanied with connected mind and steady breath. Her yoga training and certification is grounded in Baptist Power Yoga principles.  While her teaching is power yoga focused, she also enjoys exploring and teaching ashtanga yoga poses, and delights in watching her students learn and grow. Linda loves to experiment with creative sequencing, and instilling a spirit of playfulness and personal challenge to help deepen one’s practice.

She is experienced in teaching beginners, advanced students and seniors in their yoga journey.

Linda has been teaching yoga and fitness for 15+ years, is a yoga certified Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200/500 instructor and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education provider. She is also certified lifetime Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) Group Fitness Instructor and is a certified NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Personal Trainer.  She’s a tech entrepreneur, an avid equestrian, enjoys dance based fitness, and stays engaged in local government activities.   

Lynn Zulli RTY 200

The practice of opening the mind, and aligning the physical body and spirit can be a humbling journey of greater awareness –both within one’s self and in context to the world. Linda strives to strengthen the awareness and the relationship between the body, mind and breath with her students. She believes that a yoga practice can be beneficial to begin for anyone and at any age.  She draws from her experience as a fitness/health instructor of the past 15 years as well as her background in dance and music to generate flowing movement and postures in strong but balanced practices. She has been practicing and teaching yoga for the past 10 years. An avid equestrian, she spends her “extra” free time outside working with her ex-race horse, Cherokee Native.   

Sheila Masterson E-RYT 200

Sheila was a yoga skeptic until a friend dragged her to her first class and she was hooked.  Now, over fifteen years later she is teaching yoga and training new yoga teachers.

Sheila is an E-RYT 200 and received her initial 250 hour certification from Yoga Life Institute (formerly located in King of Prussia, PA). She is also certified in Aerial Yoga, Barre, and Mindful Resilience trauma-informed training through Veteran’s Yoga Project.  For the past five years she has been focused on teaching slow flow, vinyasa, power yoga, and prenatal yoga classes.

Sheila’s teaching is focused on connecting students to the intuitive wisdom of their own bodies through creative flows and sequencing that gets students out of their heads and into their bodies.  She whole-heartedly believes in the variability and perfection of moving in a way that feels good, both physically and energetically, and using yoga as a tool to come home to yourself.

Sheila is one half of the Love in Motion 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training Team at Jolly Llama and focuses on teaching yoga philosophy, the energy body, meditation, and prenatal yoga modules.  When she isn’t teaching or practicing yoga you can find her running and going for walks, practicing pilates, writing, reading tarot, and recording her podcast Living Tarot.

Lisa Fell RYT 200 

From age three, formal dance training in ballet, tap and jazz laid the foundation for Lisa’s extreme interest in choreography and alignment-based fitness.  It was a natural transition moving through the years from teaching dance to various fitness classes and then to yoga.

First introduced to Power Yoga in the mid-1990s, Lisa became passionate about this approach to yoga.  Incorporating athleticism and a vinyasa-style flow, she soon realized the benefits in strength, flexibility and body-mind awareness. With continued practice, the mental and spiritual benefits began to shine through. Lisa is honored to teach yoga, helping to bring balance, awareness, health and happiness into the lives of others.

Lisa is a Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance. 

Kayla Flynn

Kayla was first introduced to yoga and barre after graduating from college in 2010. She discovered that moving her body in a new way not only helped her body transform but help her restore mental focus and clarity.  She enjoyed trying different classes and techniques and completed her barre certification in April 2015 and has been instructing ever since. Kayla started at Jolly Llama when it opened in 2017 and loves creating themed playlists so her students can move to the beat! Her goal is to create a positive and fun atmosphere while motivating her students to challenge themselves. Kayla is a Special Education Teacher and she is excited to continue to bring her passion for teaching, and dedication to health and fitness to Jolly Llama!


Nicole D’Avella

Nicole is one of our Barre instructors here at Jolly Llama Yoga Studio! She received her Barre Strength certification four years ago and is also trained in various forms of exercise. Nicole is a big fan of making you smile through the challenging moves and making every individual a stronger version of themself! Her classes focus on full body moves to tone muscles you forgot you had and keep your heart rate up through out class! She fills the room with motivation, strength, fun and laughter. Let’s get stronger together!

Sema Larry RYT 200

Sema has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and has earned her RYT 200 yoga alliance certification through Fitness Yoga Studios in Mullica Hill, NJ. She learned about yoga when she was teaching group fitness classes, about 15 years ago. She has retired from group fitness, due to an injury, and has learned how beneficial yoga has been, so continues to practice. 

Her hobbies include traveling, she loves to learn different cultures as well as experiences foods from all over the world. She is a French native, so traveling to France to visit her family is a yearly trip. She also enjoys the outdoors, hiking with her dog, skiing with her husband, and clamping with her family.  Being compassionate and always remember to be kind is something she enjoys sharing, and reminding others about. 

”We all are full of love, and happiness – let’s not forget that.” 

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