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What are you doing on this rainy & windy day?
It is a good day no matter where you are to take a little time for yourself!
Make your favorite warm beverage and cozy up near a window with a notepad and pen.
Taking the time for yourself is an important step to finding balance and reflecting on you!

Not sure what to write down? Below is a simple and short reflection exercise that will help spark some insight..

Before you move from step 1 to step 2, step 1 must be completed and so on…

1) Write down how you would describe yourself to a stranger…
(allow yourself a few minutes to write this down before moving on to step 2)

No peeking! Did you write it down yet?

2.) Cross out the last item you wrote down in Step 1

3.) Cross out the second to last

4.) Cross out everything

The roles we play in life, the positions and possessions, and even our titles are how we define ourselves.

Why cross out everything? Because the essence of us goes beyond our roles. The essence of us has pure potentiality.

Simple and profound.

Have a happy rainy day!
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