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Danielle LaSorsa

Danielle LaSorsa RYT 200

Danielle is the founder of the Jolly Llama Yoga Studio. She has been practicing for two years and is RYT-200, Trauma & Addiction, and Barre certified.
During the summer of 2016, her practice was hindered by back pain. After a trip to the Dr. something was detected in her abdomen. After many appointments, endless scans, and a few biopsies later, extensive surgery was imminent. A large mass was removed and recovery began. Without her practice she wouldn’t be where she is today. She was able to center herself and persevere through every scary appointment and scan and biopsy. She used her breath to remain calm when cancer was talked about as a possibility. The Doctors remarked on her quick (reasonably) recovery. Through this experience she learned she was stronger than she thought, and she wanted to help others. Danielle started her journey wanting to simply create a fun yoga studio, and while that still holds true, she wants to use this opportunity to create a lifeline for those who might need it, create a community of support and love. She wants the jolly Llama to to be a space to focus, reflect, and enjoy life to its fullest.

Yoga Instructor Lisa Carrington

Lisa Carrington RYT 200

Lisa had been practicing yoga for years. She discovered Baptist Power Yoga in 2015 and was immediately elated with all aspects of the practice. She loved the practice so much that she signed up for teacher training to deepen her practice, help others, and share the joy she attained through yoga. She fell in love with the spirituality and physicality of a practice. “I love how yoga strengthens, balances, and purifies my mind and body.” As a yoga instructor, her goal is to help others achieve the same benefits in yoga that she has found. In her spare time, Lisa enjoys hiking, being in nature, and laughter. She also competed in gymnastics as a child, an outlet for her endless energy, which she now applies to her yoga practice and instructing. Lisa is also a Barre Certified Instructor.

Yoga Instructor Jackie Maloney

Jackie Maloney RYT 200

Her proclaimed mission in life is to help others and to make them feel good in all possible
aspects. She began her yoga journey at the age of 11 when she was put in yoga as a means
to handle childhood anxiety. It was after learning how healing yoga can be that she realized
that it was mainly through yoga that she could create her purpose in life and bring health and
love to her communities. Always eager to bring more to her classes she regularly looks to

further her education and have fun doing so. Her journey has brought her to the Jolly Llama

where she is very excited to be part of the team and community!


Jess Kennedy RYT 200

Jess has a passion for yoga and kindness. She designs her classes for people to rediscover and explore their true selves. Her style is a flow mix for all levels because she feels that life is challenging in itself and as long as you show up, you are doing your best. She is certified in adult and children’s yoga and also addiction and trauma-trained.

Gabrielle LeBlanc E-RYT 200, YACEP

Gabrielle (Gabi) grew up in California, where she dove into yoga at a tender age and became a registered yoga teacher in 2008. After growing up in Los Angeles County, her Californian yogic upbringing still peppers her style with creative transitions and modifications, honoring the biomechanics of every unique body. Gabi’s favorite asanas are Garudasana (eagle) and Uttana shishosana (puppy). Her dog, Ayla, reminds her to always live in the present moment, especially while connecting to nature and romping in the woods. Gabi is very happy to answer any and all yoga questions that may puzzle you, please don’t be shy! In addition to being certified to teach yoga, she is also a certified personal trainer, and loves helping people meet their own specific fitness goals. She is so excited to be a part of Team Llama and can’t wait to meet you on the mat!

Linda black Shirt DSC_5780-X2

 Linda Yu RYT 200

The practice of opening the mind, and aligning the physical body and spirit can be a humbling journey of greater awareness –both within one’s self and in context to the world. Linda strives to strengthen the awareness and the relationship between the body, mind and breath with her students. She believes that a yoga practice can be beneficial to begin for anyone and at any age.  She draws from her experience as a fitness/health instructor of the past 15 years as well as her background in dance and music to generate flowing movement and postures in strong but balanced practices. She has been practicing and teaching yoga for the past 10 years. An avid equestrian, she spends her “extra” free time outside working with her ex-race horse, Cherokee Native.   


Jennifer Walsh RYT 200

I took my first yoga class at a YMCA over ten years ago. I remember thinking afterward that I had found something I instantly connected to and couldn’t wait to go the next week!  A few years went by before I started to get serious about my own practice. Now yoga is such a powerful part of my life.  It helps me feel grounded and centered and has enabled me to get to know my whole self better( even the messy parts).
I am extremely grateful for all of the wonderful teachers i have had on my yoga journey who continue to help shape my practice.  I completed my 200 hour teacher training specializing in Vinyasa Flow at Enso Studio in Media, PA in March of 2015.  I also have a certification in yoga for trauma and addiction through Transformation Yoga Project.  My teaching style reflects my belief that yoga is for everybody. I try to provide  space in my classes where I hope everyone feels able to explore how they are feeling in their bodies and make choices in their own practice that are right for them.

Sheila Masterson

Sheila was a yoga skeptic. Then a friend invited her to take a class.

Practicing helped Sheila through a tumultuous time in her life.  She fell in love with the flow of the practice and the calm she felt leaving class.

A decade later, in 2015, she completed her 250-hour teacher training program with Yoga Life Institute and a 15-hour Mindful Resilience Teacher Training with the Veterans Yoga Project.

Sheila’s practice allowed her to stay healthy while training for her first half-marathon and many subsequent races.  She experienced the healing that yoga and mindfulness can bring out into everyday life and is thrilled to bring that healing and joy to others.

Kayla Flynn

Kayla was first introduced to yoga and barre after graduating from college in 2010. She discovered that moving her body in a new way not only helped her body transform but help her restore mental focus and clarity.  She enjoyed trying different classes and techniques and completed her barre certification in April 2015 and has been instructing ever since. Her goal is to create a positive and fun atmosphere while motivating her students to challenge themselves. Kayla is a Special Education Teacher and she is excited to bring her passion for teaching, and dedication to health and fitness to Jolly Llama!

Kathleen McAllister

Kathleen McAllister is an accredited T’ai Chi Chih teacher who is dedicated to helping students of all ages reduce stress and regain balance thru this very “user friendly ” moving meditation. She noticed as a student during the first class she attended, a strong flow of energy manifesting as heat. Because she has Raynauds disease, she was very excited to feel heat in her often cold hands. Kathleen was so inspired by the potential implication of this, that after years of practice became accredited to teach T’ai Chi Chih to others.  She has taught in the Philadelphia suburbs in elementary schools, YMCA’s, and private classes.  Kathleen is excited to see what T’ai Chi Chih can do for others.

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